FDSA - Federation of Direct Selling Association is a non-political, non-profit organization registered under Society Act at Hyderabad, to represent the voice of genuine direct selling companies in India. A few like-minded companies & expert personalities from the Direct Selling industry in India have joined us for doing the best possible with own collective resources and intellectual strengths.

Since it’s inception in the year 2011 till the release of The Consumer Protection (Direct Selling) Rules in the year 2021, the decade-long journey of FDSA marked its presence from nowhere to everywhere through stage-shows and public awareness. During this journey, the crusaders of FDSA struggled to face many ups-&-downs with personal sacrifices, carving a facelift of today’s Direct Selling Industry.

The Chronology of activities and achievements are displayed on this Website as ready reckoner.

FDSA, was formed not only to brought awareness on direct selling; but also protected it from various quarters. Since then, FDSA has continuously worked for acceptance of Direct Selling by the media, the authorities and general public. Through region wise workshops across India, FDSA brought awareness on genuine direct selling business practices and finally demonstrated our strength in Annual Direct Selling Meet held at Talkatora Stadium on 8th Sep 2016.

To inculcate discipline in Direct Selling industry, during 2016 we have published a Negative Products list in Hindi & English , based on the bad experiences of various money circulation scams took place in India over past 2 decade. The sole aim was to help new aspirants with awareness on finding a genuine direct selling companies and keep away from money circulations schemes.

Today in India, the direct selling industry has hundreds of companies, thousands of leaders, Lakhs of distributors and millions of customers. It is important to have all the stakeholders of this industry in a disciplined way of doing business and maintain the legitimacy. FDSA, being a self-regulation body for Direct Selling business in India and being a leading association, we are trying our best possible efforts to keep all the industry stakeholders in a discipline and protect our noble business of direct selling