About FDSA

FDSA - Federation of Direct Selling Association is a non-political, non-profit organization registered under Society Act at Hyderabad, to represent the voice of genuine direct selling companies in India. A few like-minded companies & expert personalities from the Direct Selling industry in India have joined us for doing the best possible with own collective resources and intellectual strengths.

Since it’s inception in the year 2011 till the release of The Consumer Protection (Direct Selling) Rules in the year 2021, the decade-long journey of FDSA marked it’s presence from nowhere to everywhere through stage-shows and public awareness. During this journey, the crusaders of FDSA struggled to face many ups-&-downs with personal sacrifices; carving a facelift of today’s Direct Selling Industry.

What is Direct Selling?

Direct Selling is a proven model of Modern trade. It has been introduced in India three decades ago, offering self-entrepreneurship by selling products & services thru word of mouth, thereby proving to be a boon for economy & support to the government.

Not requiring any educational prequalification, professional experience and investment or any other obligations by an individual, this business-model has proved to be a saviour of opportunity-starved-entrepreneurs having age of 18+ years, especially the women-folks.

The Govt. of India, Issued a set of Rules, followed by an Amendment in the interest of the Consumers, Direct Selling Entities & Distributors. Please ensure to read thoroughly before participating in this business. Gains & Benefits from this business is depends upon individual efforts and level of persistence & consistency of participation.

Mission of Disciplined
Direct Selling

The Direct Selling business is widely connected with Hundreds of companies, Thousands of leaders, Lakhs of distributors and Millions of Consumers. Bringing all of them under one law, has been a herculean task.

FDSA, being a leading self-regulated organisation on Direct Selling in India, started the Mission of Disciplined Direct Selling in India; framed a Model Guideline in 2013 for the member companies, engaged in advocacy with Govt. agencies to achieve a legal sanctity in 2016, created awareness among the people by Negative Products list in 2016 to distinguish between genuine and speculative business models.

As a result, today we have a confident, comfortable and commendable environment for every stakeholder of the industry.

Way forward

Today, India is the only country with largest population having unique demography of highest % of youth and almost equal ratio of gender constituting a best skilled resource; large part of which is found at the weaker sections of the Society, where capital intensive opportunities do not reach. Hence, Direct selling is best suited platform for self-employment of such deprived lot of entrepreneurs.

This is the power which will make Direct Selling a largest contributor to our Prime Minister’s "Mission 2047" to build 5 trillion economy and 3rd biggest economy in the world.

Direct Selling companies are invited to join FDSA and support our Mission of Disciplined Direct Selling.

The companies who believe to be following a legitimate and genuine business model are most welcome to join FDSA and strengthen our Mission.

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Jun 13, 2018

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